2020.08.30 [sun] Hannington Endowment For The ARTS (Second Life)「水晶龍 -Crystal Dragon-」

venue   Hannington Endowment For The ARTS (in Second Life)

start   01:00 PM (SLT) / 29:00 (JST)

acts      Tia Rungray

     STAGE ART: Cat Boucher

ticket     Name Your Price

Tia Rungrayが、Hannington Endowment For The ARTSで開催されるCat Boucherの展覧会「The Crystal Dragon」に出演。Cat Boucherの手掛ける舞台演出と共にお楽しみください。

Tia Rungray will perform for Cat Boucher’s exhibition The Crystal Dragon at Hannington Endowment For The ARTS. You can enjoy his performance and her stage art.

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Organizer: Hannington Endowment For The ARTS & Cool Cat’s Art Music Circus