2020.08.29 [sat] PopPo (Second Life)「秋虹 -Autumn Rainbow-」

venue   PopPo (in Second Life)

start   21:00 (JST) / 05:00 (PDT)

acts      Tia Rungray


ticket     Name Your Price

日本人コミュニティにある花火の上がる南の島をイメージしたカフェ「PopPo」。今回は特別にTia Rungrayが秋の始まりをイメージした公演をします。

PopPo, a stage in the Japanese community that is designed to resemble a southern island with fireworks. Usually the owner couple enjoys talking with visitors. This time around, Tia Rungray will perform a special performance inspired by the beginning of autumn.

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Organizer: datemaru (PopPo)