Juvenile (Yorihisa Taura + Tia Rungray)

release 2020.07.25

1. soda
2. summer shade
3. lovesong
4. hulk
5. a baby spider on hammock

Total Time 30m27s

Base Track Making : Yorihisa Taura (2, 3, 4), Tia Rungray (1, 5)

Mixing : Yorihisa Taura (2, 3, 4), Takayuki Noami (1, 5)
Mastering & Cover Design : Takayuki Noami (Non-REM Studio)
Art Work : Ai Komuro
(only digital release)

国内外から作品のリリースを重ねてきたアンビエント音楽家のYorihisa Tauraと、楽曲内に流麗さと獰猛さを共存させるピアニストのTia Rungrayが、「Froth on the daydream (2017年)」以来2度目となる共作アルバム「Juvenile」を発表。今作も、岐阜県多治見市に潜伏するストレンジポップスレーベル「TANUKINEIRI RECORDS」から配信限定リリース。

Yorihisa Taura is an ambient musician who has released works on a number of domestic and international labels. Tia Rungray is a pianist who coexists fluidity and ferocity within his music.
They are releasing their second co-written album, Juvenile, after Froth on the daydream (2017).This album is also released by strange pop label TANUKINEIRI RECORDS, which is hiding out in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.


  • コラボだからこそ実現した心地の良い壮大なアンビエント(音像)新鮮な体験が手に入ります。